Being Christadelphian and Gay

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Our vision…

  • The Bible is the foundation of all morality.
  • That is why we must prayerfully study what the Bible says about same-sex relationships.
  • We believe that you can be Christadelphian and in a same-sex relationship.


Christadelphians and Same-Sex Relationships: an introduction

  • Homosexuality? What a Christadelphian should believe
    What does it mean to be a Christadelphian, and if you are a Christadelphian, what should you believe about same-sex relationships?
  • Homosexuality? Understanding gay Christadelphians
    As a gay Christadelphian, I encountered a lot of prejudice and misunderstanding. The majority of it was not malicious. In this article I explain some of the things I wanted other Christadelphians to understand about me.
  • Growing up Christadelphian and gay
    I grew up in a Christadelphian family, but unlike most of my peers, I was gay. In this article, I describe what that was like, and the particular challenges I faced.
  • What the Bible says about same-sex relationships
    There are really only six passages in the Bible that can be used as primary evidence that all same-sex relationships are wrong. In this article I look at what they really say.
  • Homosexuality? Would you fellowship me?
    This article is a simple challenge to Christadelphians. I describe my current beliefs, my current circumstances in life, and ask if you would fellowship me – and if not, what would I have to do before you would. Probably the most important page on this site.

Someone I Love is Gay